Compliances of Google Adsense Rejection 2021 [Complete Guide]

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  • Feb 04, 2021
Compliances of Google Adsense Rejection 2021 [Complete Guide]

It is everybody’s fantasy and pretty much every blogger and influencer’s dream but Google Compliance Policies are the reason for Google Adsense Rejection.

Google AdSense is quite possibly the most famous approaches to bring in cash online on the grounds that it is not difficult to utilize, it is straightforwardly possessed and overseen by Google and a promoting program with high validity with website admin and blogger distributers.

Compliances of Google Adsense Rejection

These are the most important reasons for Google AdSense rejection.

1.Most Important Pages are Not Present

The main reason behind everyone’s rejection is that they don’t read the Google AdSense Policy of Showing Ads. According to Google, Some pages are necessary to be on your website with relevant and correct information.

These pages include About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer is Optional but I think it should also be part of your website. This tells Google Crawlers that you are professional in your work and you take care of your visitor’s privacy.

2.Inappropriate Site Design

How might you respond in the event that you found a site with a brilliant yellow foundation loaded with white content and with big black buttons on it? You will promptly leave the page and won’t ever visit the site again without a doubt.

Google AdSense keeps on dismissing ineffectively planned sites that are hard for guests to comprehend. You ought to have a decent and exquisite plan that is simple on the eye and stylishly satisfying.

3.Copyrighted Content or Insufficient Website Content

Most of the Bloggers don’t know about the policies of Google and they think that copy and pasting of articles also work with Google AdSense. But let me clear this, that it doesn’t work and Google AdSense will not be approved on your website if you do copy-paste articles. Always try to write by yourself. Otherwise, you will get into deep trouble.

4.Not Valuable Content For Users

Among the main conditions that Google experts are keen on doing a significant survey of your site is the presence of adequate content on the site. Google gives extraordinary consideration to the substance offered and its incentive most importantly to finish the acknowledgment cycle. Also, if the substance is inadequately composed and loaded with spelling and linguistic blunders, Google will dismiss the blog right away.

That, however, the substance should be remarkable and offer an extra benefit to the beneficiary and site guests. In this manner, the blogger ought to consistently endeavor to introduce an important substance that regards Google’s prerequisites.

5.Domain Age

Most of the Bloggers always say that the domain should have some age to apply for Adsense and some of the bloggers say that there is no restriction of domain age. But I suggest, that after purchasing your domain you should wait for at least 1 month before applying for Adsense. And try to update your blog regularly or once every 2 days in that month before applying for Adsense.

Also, your blog must have a unique domain you can purchase one from on a yearly basis. You cannot apply Google Adsense with subdomains ( and * and etc).

6.Not Enough Content

According to my experience, one of the most important factors is that most of the bloggers have no patience and they apply for AdSense on just starting off their blog within 1 or 2 weeks with not enough content.

For Applying Adsense. Your blog must have at least 20 blog posts with 600 words each. In that manner, you will probably eligible according to Adsense policies.

7.Copyrighted Images

Yes, Most of the people that do this, download the Images from Google and upload them to their posts without any knowledge. Actually, you cannot do this because images also have copyright issues. Instead of that, I suggest you use or some similar sites for non-copyrighted images. They are free to use and they don’t have any copyright issues.

In the end, I can only say that this is the ladder game and you should have to take a step forward one by one with very special care.

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